Commercial Painting

Small But Versatile

Stoeffler’s offers an impressive and comprehensive array of maintenance and renovation services that benefit businesses and residential complexes alike.

Keep Your Commercial Property looking Professional with Stoeffler’s Painting

Stoeffler’s works with businesses, property managers, and homeowner’s associations to help keep homes and buildings looking impressively new. The handrails running around properties can be stripped, painted, and treated by Stoeffler’s. Concrete walkway treatments can revamp an entire storefront, apartment or condo complex as can complete wood restoration and deck coatings. Stoeffler’s also goes on to warranty many of these services. See the warranty page for more details.

Helping You Regularly Maintain Properties You Are Proud to Manage

Annual or semi-annual repainting can be scheduled for the interior or exterior of apartments, condos, and any business that wants to maintain a clean, professional appearance year after year. Pre-painting notices are distributed to all residents before the work is begun. Regularly scheduled repaintings are done on a cost-plus basis, meaning there will be a base fee plus materials.

And the Elements can Do Their Worst

Businesses, apartments, and condos near the beach benefit greatly from the paint waterproofing techniques that Stoeffler’s employs as well as the rust treatments available for metal doors. Metal doors keep your business secure, so Stoeffler’s knows the importance of keeping them clean and reinforced. Stoeffler pressure cleaning is done with a rotary blaster to ensure a prompt and thorough cleaning of a surface pre-treatment. Offices and businesses located near busy roads also often experience rather quick deteriorations of even the highest-quality paint jobs and Stoeffler’s works with you to set up a reasonable, warrantied maintenance plan in such instances. No matter the quality of the previous paint, repainting is a reality for business owners who will be glad they’re dealing with a small and professional company that will take the time to listen to their needs and work out a customized maintenance schedule with them.