Residential Painting

Treating Each Project as Carefully as a Historic Home

45 year caulking and waterproofing is implemented as a standard on all Stoeffler projects.


Boost Your Curb Appeal with Stoeffler’s Residential Services

Whether you’re looking to sell, have just purchased a fixer-upper, or simply want to revamp your home sweet home, Stoeffler’s painting can ensure your complete satisfaction. Go dramatic with dark purple on your Victorian or fire-engine red on your mid-century modern home. Go elegant with soft, creamy shades. The possibilities are endless. Garage floor and driveway treatments are also available to complete the rejuvenation and welcome you home each night.  

A Historic Home or B&B
Shouldn’t Have to Prove Its Age

Stoeffler’s has extensive experience renovating historic homes, with the ability to strip the paint down and build it back up (with multiple coats) from a base coat. They also work with the historical society of your area to determine the original color scheme of the home, if you desire to achieve such accuracy. The renovation also includes reglazing windows and a 45 year caulking of all seals as a standard. This caulking and waterproofing is implemented on all Stoeffler projects. Historic homes, particularly those with excessive gingerbread, can feature up to 9 colors, if so desired. The attention to detail afforded by Stoeffler’s allows these intricacies to be a real and vibrant possibility.  

No Job Too Small

Being a small business themselves, Stoeffler’s understands that small needs often arise, and has no policies against being called out to paint a door or refinish a single deck. A package of services needn’t be purchased, though you will be very likely to have Stoeffler’s handle all of your painting and renovation needs after your small project is completed.